If knowing is power the investigative support is a necessity

Infidelity of employees, partners, managers; unfair competition, internal fraud, insolvent customers, disputes and litigation, industrial espionage, manipulation of computer systems. These are realities that more and more companies are forced to deal with, and these phenomena appear to be growing. In the face of the discovery of significant irregularities, companies often have a need for adequate support, usually being unprepared to respond appropriately.

The very survival of the company may be at risk, or at least an exposure to legal risks, to the impairment of the company image, or significant economic damage. The importance therefore to make use of valuable business intelligence professionals for the defence of the company from internal or external attacks is quite clear. At the same time preventing any tragic consequences appears to be of vital importance, through the acquisition of preventive news and information.

The result of the prior investigations could be decisive for the outcome of a deal: knowing in advance the operational advantage of competitors, plans for a merger or a new production plant is in fact an excellent starting point for any upcoming capital investments and human resources. It is equally important to have detailed and certain information when companies operate abroad, with the uncertainty of new economic and social contexts. In this case, a series of investigations aimed at searching for information about the reality in which it is intended to do business is crucial.

Our investigators have all the necessary professional qualifications to perform the increasingly complex activities of business intelligence and private investigation, supported by an organization at the forefront in terms of technical and legal training. The countless successes achieved in decades of work, also at an international level, and customer satisfaction, are the result of our ongoing commitment and passion that motivates us to carry out this delicate and fascinating profession.

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