Investigation of curricula

Do you really know who you are hiring?

After decades of experience, we’ve come up to the conclusion that companies, too often, know only the candidate’s previous jobs and study experiences, and sometimes even marginally. Too many companies have never had an investigation on the candidate’s curriculum vitae.

Nowadays, this is not enough: trusting the candidate too much can have disastrous consequences in the future. Our private investigators can investigate thoroughly the candidate’s past, no matter they are workers, clerks, managers or CEOs. This investigation makes the company aware about the moral conduct and the real competences of the person who will be included in the staff.

The company will be informed about the moral conduct and the real professional capability of the candidate. If the information collected have a negative outcome, the company will surely be able to prevent some future staff management problems.

A recent study has outlined that the approximate loss for bad hiring is about 40.000 euros: severance pay, training, waste of time and human resources, research expenses, loss in production and negative impact on the other employees’ morale.

This is why collecting precautionary information about the candidates has become common and good thing. Gladio Investigazioni’s team is a valid support for the human resources department of any kind of company. The cv inspections are an excellent way to prevent disastrous consequences.