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Our investigators have all the necessary professional qualifications to perform the most complex tasks of private investigations, supported by an organization at the forefront in terms of technical and legal competences.

Whether it is an investigation of a marital nature, stalking, household theft, or a laboratory analysis to detect drugs, our detectives are able to solve the most complex problems, giving definite and incontrovertible answers to our clients.

The countless successes achieved in decades of work, including at an international level, as well as customer satisfaction, are the result of our on-going commitment and passion that motivate us to carry out this delicate and fascinating profession.

Our Investigation Agency conduct a wide set of investigative and informational services for private individuals. The agency is backed-up by real experts, coming from police and military forces. The client will have a first consultation in the office, during which they will present their situations to the owner of the agency. Contextually, they will be given a first operative plan, a quotation and some technical and legal advice. Together with the private investigation, our team can provide valid legal advice, in case the client hasn’t appointed a lawyer yet.

Often, an approximate investigation, or worst a self-managed one, can irremediably jeopardise the successive intervention of the private investigator. Not considering the fact that the improvised investigator may end up in serious problems. The illegal practice of private investigation is a criminal offence and it is subject to privacy regulations and laws. It is advisable to verify that the private investigator consulted is in order with ministerial authorizations, to avoid unpleasant inconveniences.

Investigations of thefts

Judical inspection A theft or a breaking in company can cause huge damages. If the damages are serious and involve…

Asset investigations and debts collection

KNOWING THE REAL ASSET FOR A SECURE DEBTS COLLECTION Before undertaking an expensive lawsuit for a debt collection, it might…

Lab analysis

The importance of serious and reliable lab analysis Lab analysis for paternity test Lab analysis for paternity test based on…


We have the resources to discover the weaknesses and security gaps that exist throughout your organization and what problems non-compliance…

Custody and supervision of minors

The exclusive custody The exclusive custody of minors to only one of the parents is provided for whenever a judge…

Cohabitation investigations

Recently, there has been a change of address of legitimacy jurisprudence (and not only) with reference to the divorce allowance, i.e. the…

Matrimonial investigations

The pursuit of truth is our mission The private investigations that we carry out provide certain and incontrovertible evidence about…

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