Due diligence

We investigate to make your work more serene

When a company is going to invest in another company or acquire it, it is important to start an investigation of the value and the real conditions of the company. The investigation involves an in-depth analysis of factors such as the integrity, the reputation, the morality and the reliability of the main shareholders, officers, managers and partners.

Thanks to the detailed and complete information we provide, our client is able to make decisions regarding the investment about to be made, with the awareness that the evidence we have provided are totally reliable. Our analysts examine a wide selections of means of information, both in English and in the local language, public registers, off-the-record information gained through private informers, with the aim of confirming patenting and properties and evaluating the exposition to infringements of the law and legal prosecutions.

Our private investigators, expert in the activities of research and investigations, are able to find out even the most secret and hidden information, creating a complete profile of the professional and moral reputation of managers, shareholders and intermediaries.

For more than thirty years, our investigators have been daily engaged in services of business intelligence, looking into the history of competitors, suppliers and clients, verifying their reputation on the market.

We investigate possible disputes, false declarations, liabilities. This allows our client to handle the risk, reconsidering the negotiation.