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In recent years, the cooperation between investigative agencies and law firms has become increasingly frequent. In whichever field lawyers are working – whether in the civil ambit to support companies, or in the criminal ambit, to support defendants – they can find indispensable support. The positive outcome of a trial can in fact also be determined by surveys commissioned to a valid professional investigation group. · Infidelity of employees, partners, managers; unfair competition, internal fraud, insolvent customers, disputes and litigation, industrial espionage, manipulation of computer systems. These are realities that an increasing number of companies are forced to deal with, and these phenomena appear to be growing. The importance therefore, also for lawyers who assist them, of making use of valuable business intelligence professionals for the defence of the company from external or internal attacks is quite clear. Our investigators have all the professional requirements needed for the performance of the increasingly complex activities involved in business intelligence and private investigation, supported by a leading organization in terms of technical and legal training. Even when the lawyer’s client is a private individual, whether it is an investigation of a marital kind, an investigation for stalking, the investigation of a personal household theft , for laboratory analyses in search of drugs or for a paternity test, our detectives are able to solve the most complex problems , giving definite and incontrovertible answers to our customers. The countless successes achieved in decades of activity, also at an international level, and customer satisfaction are the result of our on-going commitment and the passion that motivates us to carry out this delicate and fascinating profession. We have what it takes to be able also to assist the best lawyers in their investigation for criminal defence, as its holder has acquired over the years the right skills to resolve the complex cases he has been entrusted with.

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