A valid support for lawyers since 1975

In recent years, collaboration between investigative agencies and law firms has become increasingly frequent. In whatever field lawyers find themselves operating – be it in the civil sector in support of companies and individuals, or in the criminal sector in support of defendants – they find an indispensable partner in the figure of the private investigator. The positive outcome of a case can in fact also be determined by the investigations conducted for law firms.

A valid investigative support

The detective agency has all the requirements necessary to carry out increasingly complex private or corporate investigation activities, supported by a professional organization.

Whether it is a marital investigation or a debt collection investigation. Or even investigations into a burglary suffered in a home. Or a laboratory analysis for the search for narcotic substances or for a paternity test, the detective agency, together with its partners, is able to resolve the most complex problems, giving certain and irrefutable answers to our customers.

The agency also has what it takes to best assist lawyers in criminal defense investigations. The owner of the institute has in fact acquired over the years the skills appropriate to the complex cases that are frequently entrusted to him.

Here are some useful services for law firms

  • Property investigations
  • Investigations for partner infidelity
  • Corporate investigations
  • Investigations into theft and scams
  • Collecting evidence in favor of the accused

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