Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

Information theft is a serious threat to businesses. It can cost companies large sums of money and lead to the loss of business deals or the failure of acquisition strategies; as well as causing irreparable damage to the corporate reputation.

Our team has extensive professional experience not only to detect the presence of wiretapping devices (the so-called electronic environmental remediation), but also to design and implement information security strategies in order to prevent information leaks. Our TSS (Technical Security Specialist) team uses the latest in surveillance countermeasures technology to address the growing security threats posed by both unscrupulous competitors and dangerous criminal organizations.

Our agency has invested in the highest quality equipment, specific to address the threat of electronic espionage. Our technical counterintelligence service can eliminate the threat of information theft to your business.

Information is the key in any dispute or even in daily business. The following are just a small example of people or organizations that may have an interest in stealing your sensitive information.

Who is interested in stealing your information:
Business partners
Some of the most common reasons:
Get useful information for a court case
Get information for a merger project
To blackmail a particular person
Obtain sensitive information on competitors

There are many misconceptions about environmental interception and how it is actually performed .. Very often companies invest huge sums in the security sector, but fail to address some of the most basic security protocols such as office access control , etc. It should be remembered that it can often be easier to obtain information through naive or careless personnel than to run the risk of installing an electronic environmental interception device.

In any case, the on-line market makes available to anyone a varied typology of interception devices. For example, some devices operate on radio frequencies while others are managed through a GSM / 3G or 4G system. Devices can be hidden in a wall or ceiling, or they can be hidden in an object on a table during a meeting.

What to do?

If you suspect information has leaked, take action immediately. However, it would be better to carry out periodic preventive checks. To deal with these dangerous threats, you need to follow some important guidelines:

Refrain from handling sensitive information in the suspicious area
Identify all people who have access to the suspicious area
Review and improve basic security protocols, such as access control
Identify personnel who may have had access to the stolen information
Carry out all meetings or strategic meetings outside the suspicious area
Hire a Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) specialist to carry out a technical check