Absenteeism and internal fraud

Recognize the fraud and find the right solution

Our private investigators verify the facts to reconstruct the events and identify the internal fraudsters and face the phenomenon of absenteeism. Through internal investigations, it is possible to contain or recover the loss. Also the damage caused by absentees –both employees and managers – is nowadays the cause of huge damages for companies of all levels and sectors.

One or more employees who are off-sick for a fake illness can be the cause of a slowing down of production and a monetary loss. Our investigators work daily on contrasting the absenteeism and similar phenomena, by collecting evidence for a possible termination for good cause, as provided for by the Worker’s Statute.

Faking illnesses, in addition to causing a damage to the company, makes the individual liable for fraud, risking to be reported to the authorities.

Gladio Investigazioni’s team intervenes with high efficiency, thanks to its organization composed by investigators coming from police forces and military. Our agents are equipped with cutting-edge technology and devices, such as a GPS for satellite localization of vehicles.

More than once, the Court of Appeal has claimed that investigative activities to monitor the employees is legitimate. It is important to say that this actions have to be carried out by professionals and authorized investigators with a regular licence. Our agency has all the necessary requirements to help our clients, above all when the employees try to make the evidence against them invalid.

Following the most requested services

– Monitoring of employees with Law 104 permits
– Monitoring of employees off-sick
– Verifications on absenteeism of executives and managers
– Investigations on the leak of information and reserved data