Investigations of thefts

Judical inspection

A theft or a breaking in company can cause huge damages. If the damages are serious and involve not only a monetary loss, the intervention of the judicial authority is not always adequate. In these cases, we are asked to carry out investigations on the crime scene, with the help of our experts in forensics.

This is the so-called “judicial inspection”, that is investigations on the crime scene for the research, collection and conservation of the biological materials, fingerprints and other material that can help to identify the offender and the reconstruction of the dynamics of the criminal event.

The outcome of our investigations has often been very useful to the police forces, leading to the arrest of the offenders. This is possible only thanks to Gladio Investigazioni’s collaborations with the best technical advisors from forensics and police forces.

In case of theft it is very important to promptly rely on a professional private investigator. If too much time passes, you run the risk of not being able to collect evidences effectively.

The main interventions requested on the crime scene are:
– inspection and crime scene analysis
– fingerprints detection
– biological materials finding
– collaboration with police forces to identify the offender