Insurance fraud

Gladio investigation agency, operating in the insurance field since 1975, is able to provide adequate and professional support to the Insurance Companies through its qualified agents to investigate the exact dynamics of the claims reported. The investigations are carried out through the search and interview of eyewitnesses, the acquisition of the documents at the competent authorities intervened on the scene of the accident, the control of the declarations made by the parties involved, the dynamic reconstruction of the accident accompanied by the relative photographic surveys.

The investigations are also extended to the surveillance – through the provision of observation and control services – of subjects who report any injuries and to the technical analysis of vehicles or other objects involved in road accidents or other types of accidents.

At the end of these fundamental investigations, our agency releases the technical report with the photographic report, which can be produced in the Court, in which the elements relating to the reconstruction of the accident and all the related documents acquired are collected.

Insurance Company Services:

Investigation of road accidents
Professional responsibility
Work compensation
Acquisition of reports and documents from the judicial authorities
Asset investigations
Reconstruction of claims dynamics, tracing and interviews with witnesses
Checks on stolen cars