Industrial espionage

Your know-how defence is our mission

The intellectual property theft and the misappropriation of business secrets can cause serious damages to the company, in terms of loss of earnings and market shares, sometimes damaging it permanently.

This is the reason why it is necessary to take focused and prompt action to stop industrial espionage. We look into software intrusions, loss or theft of intellectual property and patent infringement, with the purpose of catching the perpetrator, providing legal assistance and come to a resolution of the case.

In this era of globalization, unfair competition, above all by companies from emerging markets, is causing serious economical and image damages to many companies. Also in this case it is necessary to take prompt action, to avoid that the damages become irreparable.

Thanks to investigations aiming to the collection of evidence of unfair competition, the damaged company can batten down the hatches, before it’s too late. The evidence collected can be fundamental for a possible charge: unfair competition is punished according to the civil code (art. 2598-2600).

Some of the most requested service:
– Counter-espionage
– Defence from brand, patent and products forgery
– Legal support
– Action against unfair competition