The agency

The goddess Justice is depicted blindfolded, with scales and a sword. This is why the agency is called Gladio, like the short Roman sword: because the primary mission of the private investigator and criminologist is to always pursue justice.

A long history of success

In 1975 Tullio Galluzzi founded the institute of investigation and business information Federalpol in the Milan hinterland. In the following decades, the well-known agency has successfully taken on all the challenges that have come up, adapting to the introduction of new technologies and meeting the needs of the clients, which require more and more performing skills from the the investigators.

With the passing time, the agency has managed to keep unchanged its adjustment skills to the new challenges.

In 1989 the agency expanded, opening a new branch in Ascoli Piceno. In 1998 the institute was founded, based in the centre of Monza, the buzzing centre of Brianza.

The agency of investigation carries out services of intelligence internationally, both in civil and criminal areas, offering its services to companies of any kind and sector, for the resolution of cases regarding infidelity of employees, partners, managers; unfair competition, internal frauds, insolvent clients, disputes and controversies, espionage, tampering with information technology systems and business information.

The agency’s private detectives are employed also for the service of private persons, for family investigations, stalking, thefts and scams, toxicology analysis, paternity tests, and mobile and computer forensics.

The amount of cases that the agency has been appointed with are endless, and each case is always examined and studied carefully, until the certain and guaranteed result is reached. You suspect it, we confirm it.

Our agency is in association with:

Authorization from the Ministry of the Interior for corporate, insurance, commercial, private investigations and for commercial information.

Angelo Galluzzi

  • CEO and founder of the agency
  • Authorized Private Investigator 
  • Criminologist – UNI 11783:2020 certification
  • Security expert – UNI 10459:2017 certification

After obtaining the diploma of commercial expert Angelo served as an officer in an operational department of the Armed Forces, also employed in a foreign mission on a UN mandate.

He then began his private investigator activity at the Federalpol institute, gaining the experience necessary to obtain a license for private investigations in 1998, the year in which the Monza office was founded by him.

In 2004 he was granted authorization by the Prefecture of Milan for investigating criminal defense activities, to be carried out on behalf of lawyers.

He is a member of the national trade association FEDERPOL and the world association of WAD detectives. Always with a view to improving his professional skills, he has participated in various training courses in the criminal and scientific forensic field, as well as the mandatory professional refresher courses, as required by the Ministerial Decree 269/2010. He is registered in the professional register of Criminologists AICIS with n.177.

In possession of the licenses issued by the Prefecture of Milan for investigations in the following areas:

  • Business
  • Commercial
  • Insurance
  • Private
  • Criminal defense

Over the course of over twenty-five activities, he has gained multiple experiences in the fields of investigations and security, carrying out his profession also internationally. His “cases” have repeatedly attracted interest from the press and investigative television programs.

Angelo always has a direct relationship with customers, even for the first consultation. He does not like to leave things to chance, he pays close attention to detail and prefers to plan everything scrupulously. A sports enthusiast, he dedicates himself to diving – he is a divemaster and trimix diver – and to boxing.

He is also the author of the novel published by Passage al Bosco “Memoirs of a private detective – stories, investigations and adventures out of the ordinary”


Giorgio Portera

He is specialised in genetics and dactyloscopy. He is a former RIS Parma officer, expert in forensic genetics. After being discharged from RIS Parma, he has been working as a court-appointed expert and party-appointed expert. He has been appointed court expert for the Public Prosecutor in Monza or Monza tribunal, Bergamo Public Prosecutor and Tribunal, , Milano Tribunals and more all over Italy.

He has gained a lot of experience in BPA, through the analysis of different crime scenes with bloodstain pattern analysis. He served as Carabiniere, as a Lieutenant, at the biology sector of RIS Parma, Forensics department. He has carried through with hundred of cases, including technical analysis, consultations and evaluations, for a total of 6000 traces analysed.

Since March 2009 he has been working as a consultant, dealing with consultations, evaluations, scientific surveys, paternity tests for the public prosecutor’s office and legal firms, locally and nationally, after setting up a biology and forensic genetics lab in Milan.

Working on few cases, one by one, gives him the opportunity to dedicate the right amount of time to every investigation. He receives his clients in Gladio agency in Monza or at his office in Milan.


Oscar Ghizzoni

Graduated in chemistry, Retired Officer of the Scientific Departments of the Carabinieri of Rome and Parma. He has developed specific skills in the fields of toxicology, explosives and flammables, ballistics, fingerprinting and graphic investigations. He carries out consultancy activities at the Court of Como and northern Italy, as well as at our investigative agency, for the skills of graphic counterfeiting, toxicology, explosives and flammables.

He collaborates at the CEDAM Biocontrol Laboratory in Bollate (MI) and at the Valduce Hospital in Como, for the analysis of drugs in various biological matrices. He works as a Party Technical Consultant in the Anti-Doping Sports field, with experience gained in national and foreign laboratories such as LCH in Paris, HFL Sport Sciences in London, UNIRE LAB in Milan, CONI Lab in Rome and Racing Laboratory in Hong Kong.

He is also a consultant to public and private bodies in the field of environmental toxicology and related issues, he is an external collaborator of the Technical Scientific Committee of the Criminal Chamber of Monza, and is enrolled in the Register of the Professional Order of Chemists of Lombardy.


Edoardo Ferri

Forensic Technical Consultant and CTU in IT matters

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management Systems Auditor/Lead Auditor.
Member of the Order of Industrial Experts

He is responsible for providing consultancy in the sectors of Social Engineering and Cyber Investigations.

Senior Partner of the Bicocca Security Lab, an interdepartmental laboratory of the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Law of the State University of Milan-Bicocca.

He acquires skills in security by completing training courses organized by National Bodies operating in the Civil and Military sectors.