Matrimonial investigations

The pursuit of truth is our mission

The private investigations that we carry out provide certain and incontrovertible evidence about a possible marital infidelity. Sometimes the evidence are not used for legal purposes, but only to find out the truth, confirming or confuting our client’s suspects.

In other cases, the evidence can be taken to court to deal with a divorce case, with the purpose of obtaining the separation charge at the expense of the unfaithful spouse. In this case, the evidence collected by our private investigators, having legal value, are often decisive in the outcome of a difficult judicial separation.

Our team, thanks to the extended experience and the cutting-edge means has at his disposal, is able to deal with the most complex situations, collecting the necessary video, photographic and testimonial evidence, drawing up a detailed report on the activity performed during the investigation.

Suspicions and solutions

The suspicion of an eventual infidelity may arise for different reasons. It is important to analyse thoroughly the case during the first meeting to give an adequate answer to our client and offer a solution to their problems.

The suspicion may derive from an assiduous and anomalous use of the smartphone, habit changes, a more and more marked disinterest toward the partner, or simply delays in coming back from work. The reasons for suspicions may be numerous, this is why it is important to act rationally and pragmatically. Not always are these suspicions well-founded and insisting on their truthfulness may seriously jeopardise a marriage.

Also in this case, the pursuit of truth will lead our client to a greater serenity, above all when the doubts and suspicions turn out to be unfounded. But in case there is a separation suit, the evidence collected will bring economical advantages. Verifying the infidelity, the standard of living, the cohabitation with another person, or the existence of another non-declared business activity, will generate enormous advantages in court, or during the negotiation of a consensual separation.