The acronym OSINT means Open Source Intelligence, in other words a sophisticated investigation technique that serves to find information on the internet.

Our internal analyst, through this discipline, is able to access a great deal of information on the web, potentially open to all but difficult to find without adequate preparation!

Some sources such as the deep web, internet sites, social networks contain in fact a myriad of useful data, which together with the classic on-field investigations, allows to build even the most complicated mosaic concerning the subject we want to control.

For some time Gladio investigations have been applying this technique as a preliminary and complementary phase of his investigations, always obtaining excellent results that lead to the conclusion of the task with success and satisfaction for the customer.

Everyone is now able to find information from Google or Facebook, but most of the time they are incomplete and unsatisfactory, and often take a lot of time unnecessarily. A bit like driving in a car without knowing the right route leads off-road and makes unnecessary km travel!

Even in this case, therefore, relying on professionals is undoubtedly the most rational choice and allows you to reach the goal and achieve the goal.