Angelo Galluzzi

  • CEO and founder of the agency
  • Authorized Private Investigator 
  • Criminologist – UNI 11783:2020 certification
  • Security expert – UNI 10459:2017 certification

After obtaining the diploma of commercial expert Angelo served as an officer in an operational department of the Armed Forces, also employed in a foreign mission on a UN mandate.

He then began his private investigator activity at the Federalpol institute, gaining the experience necessary to obtain a license for private investigations in 1998, the year in which the Monza office was founded by him.

In 2004 he was granted authorization by the Prefecture of Milan for investigating criminal defense activities, to be carried out on behalf of lawyers.

He is a member of the national trade association FEDERPOL and the world association of WAD detectives. Always with a view to improving his professional skills, he has participated in various training courses in the criminal and scientific forensic field, as well as the mandatory professional refresher courses, as required by the Ministerial Decree 269/2010. He is registered in the professional register of Criminologists AICIS with n.177.

In possession of the licenses issued by the Prefecture of Milan for investigations in the following areas:

  • Business
  • Commercial
  • Insurance
  • Private
  • Criminal defense

Over the course of over twenty-five activities, he has gained multiple experiences in the fields of investigations and security, carrying out his profession also internationally. His “cases” have repeatedly attracted interest from the press and investigative television programs.

Angelo always has a direct relationship with customers, even for the first consultation. He does not like to leave things to chance, he pays close attention to detail and prefers to plan everything scrupulously. A sports enthusiast, he dedicates himself to diving – he is a divemaster and trimix diver – and to boxing.

He is also the author of the novel published by Passage al Bosco “Memoirs of a private detective – stories, investigations and adventures out of the ordinary”