We have the resources to discover the weaknesses and security gaps that exist throughout your organization and what problems non-compliance entails, to establish an effective physical security program

Security measures are of little use if not enforced. A security audit evaluates the effectiveness with which security policies are implemented in your company. Our professionals will show you where gaps and vulnerabilities might exist and will propose more effective procedures.

We have ascertained countless reasons why existing security procedures are not being followed. Sometimes employees ignore the measures for convenience, or just to be more productive. Other times there is resistance to change or simply forgetfulness or neglect.

We have the resources to discover not only the weaknesses and security gaps that exist throughout your organization, but also what issues are driving such non-compliance. We can therefore help you establish a balanced and effective security risk management program that you can be comfortable and safe with. This service can also be particularly useful after an acquisition, to standardize physical security policies and procedures.

Our consultants can also play an important role in internal investigations when anomalies are discovered or a wrongdoing is suspected. Our findings can be used not only for potential legal disputes, but also to strengthen internal controls and mitigate future problems.

  • Corporate security services
  • Security audit
  • Concierge and security guard
  • Anti-theft
  • Mystery shopping
  • Security and video surveillance systems
  • Security for events and demonstrations
  • Accompaniment with driver
  • Personal security services

In recent years, the number of stalking cases has become increasingly worrying. This act of persecution is condemned by the penal code, but in order to proceed against the stalker it is necessary to present irrefutable evidence. Unless the stalker is caught red-handed, the victim must gather evidence against. A private investigator can be of great help in collecting evidence that can be used for a notification to the judicial authority.

Having supported stalking victims many times, we have gained a lot of experience in this. Our actions consist in identifying the stalker and investigating his persecutory acts with videos and photos. In addition to the capabilities of our investigators, we rely on GPS devices for satellite tracking. These GPS devices are attached to the stalker’s vehicle to monitor his movements, even when he approaches a “sensitive” place. The victim can also be equipped with a GPS, so that the alarm goes off when the stalker is nearby. Another valuable aid is the escort service, in case the victim feels threatened and needs physical protection.

Your security is not a luxury

The protection and escort services are not reserved only for victims of stalking. Our team has the professional and technical skills to guarantee maximum safety to those who, for various reasons, feel the need to protect themselves and their family. In any case, Gladio’s investigators, coming from the police, have all the requirements to carry out protection and escort services. Motivated and experienced agents take care of the safety of the people in their custody on a daily basis, always providing an efficient service. It is necessary to specify that, unlike what is commonly thought, these services are not to be considered a kind of luxury. Often the cost of an agent, and possibly a vehicle, does not differ much from a normal vehicle rental with driver. This service simply consists in guiding a person from one place to another, while an agent of our team not only guides the customer, but is also able to guarantee close protection for the entire duration of the activity. Our agents are professionally trained to handle emergency situations, such as kidnappings and robberies.

Here are our personal security services

  • Comprehensive protection even for single transfers
  • Immediate and global defense from any threat
  • Study of itineraries and safe transfer plans
  • Extraction from areas at risk
  • Security and video surveillance systems