Cyber security and digital forensics

Cyber security for corporates and privates

Nowadays, every company, no matter its size, uses digital technology. On the one hand, this makes a company more efficient, it helps to reduce the costs and open to new markets; on the other hand, it makes it more vulnerable to cyber attacks. In the past few years, many episodes of hacking have happened, causing the breach of clients data.

Companies have now to deal with something new: cyber attacks, a phenomenon that is in constant evolution.
By working together with experts in cyber security, companies can better understand the risks they face, trying to reduce them and protect their businesses.
In corporate, cyber security has become very important. Every company now is aware that this is threat that they have to face, as well as the traditional risks.

The growing awareness of cyber risks in companies are the result of serious accidents happened all over the world.
Data breach can be the result of different cyber attack methods, some of them can be highly sophisticated, others completely harmless or accidental.
Cyber attacks can be “internal” or “external”. The internal threats that worry the companies the most are low-tech and may involve an intentional breach of data from an employee.
The external threats that arise more concern are hackers attacks. This kind of attacks can be performed to steal information about clients and sell them to competitors, or blackmail the company to reactivate the correct functioning of the damaged computer systems.

Typologies of cyber attacks

The external threats tend to be more hi-tech and involve hacking, phishing, ransomware and malware. What is it all about?
– Hacking: identification and use of vulnerabilities of a computer system or network, usually for profit-making;
– Phishing: attempt to obtain sensitive data pretending to be a trusted person in an e-mail;
– Whaling: phishing attack in which the perpetrator pretends to be an executive director;
– Malware: any software used to interrupt the computer operations, collect sensitive data or access to computer systems;
– Ransomware: a kind of malware that causes problems of malfunctioning to a computer and demands the payment of a ransom to reactivate the system.

How can you face the threats of cyber attacks?
Cyber attacks can cause the interruption of the business activities, monetary sanctions, check from the authorities, and reputation damages. They are all very serious threats to the turnover, the shareholding value and even the survival of a company.
It can be very complicated for executives to know what to do in such situations and it is fundamental that the companies continue to reconsider their strategies, relying on professionals in cyber security.

Gladio Investigazioni has a team of consultants and experts able to face all these threats, both from a preventive point of view – with Penetration test and Vulnerability Assessment – and a final resolution of cyber attacks.

Cyber security services and digital forensics for corporates and privates:

– corporate consultancy and support in regulatory compliance;
– Prevention of cyber attacks
– Analysis of the attacks also in the judicial sector
– Technical consultancy in both criminal and civil fields
– Forensics acquisitions
– Retrieval of deleted data
– Analysis of computer devices

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