Scheduling and troubleshooting

A company will contact us to resolve a human resource problem. After a first examination of the practice, assisted by our internal lawyer, we study the operational plan and proceed with the planning of the investigation. There is a need to intervene in a timely manner to avoid a probable judgment of the client in the trial. In fact, some employees have put in place a real sabotage action, which seeks to gain economic advantages in a totally unlawful manner. They hope to have a considerable amount of compensation for having worked in the company, which they say were not covered by the employment contract. Hopefully, they will be recognized for a level appropriate to the most demanding activities they would have done.

The company is a multinational corporation with hundreds of employees employed at the Italian headquarters. Those “problematic” are only a dozen, but with their disorder they create a lot of problems for the regular functioning of their work. In fact, in addition to having legal action taken, it seems that they are also hindering, through sabotage actions, the production of the plant.

Two private Gladio team investigators are then placed on the company, performing the functions of employees in the purchasing and production office. Only by operating inside it is possible to carry out all the intelligence and intelligence activities and get the most out of the results.

In fact, after two months of uninterrupted activity, the investigative agency Gladio has the opportunity to draw up a rich dossier, documenting precisely and thoroughly all the illicit acts committed by the infidel workers, and by refuting in fact what was claimed by those employees who had undertaken ‘legal action. News leaks, tampering with machine tools and intrusion into computer systems. These are some of the important news included in the dossier, delivered in the hands of the presidency and the law firm.

(reproduction allowed by citing the source)