Out of the ordinary stories, investigations and adventures

Corrupt fixers, boys off course, spouses full of secrets, dishonest employees, shady dealings, traffickers, priests, policemen: in “Memoirs of a private detective”, a colorful, heterogeneous and tumultuous humanity boils, a turbulent cauldron in which the Private investigator Angelo Galluzzi – here at his debut as a novelist – found himself swimming an entire life during his more than twenty-year career.

Case after case, chapter after chapter, adventure after adventure, the author hooks the reader with the noir atmospheres created by his pen, taking him with him on stakeouts and frantic chases. This, however, is not a simple storytelling: starting from his ardent youth in the army, from his underwater excursions in the depths of the waves, from a thousand experiences of an eventful existence and from a solid vision of the world, the author tries to provide concrete summit lines, useful for extricating oneself from the conformist and homologating jungle of our time.

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