What changes for the private investigator

The methods of treatment are defined:
specified the possibility of undertaking investigations only on the basis of a specific written assignment indicating the purposes of the processing, the right to be asserted or the process to which the investigation is connected and the terms within which it must be concluded;
As for collaborations, the investigator:
may use other investigators only if indicated by name in the assignment deed;
must provide precise information about the treatment in question to their authorized and who only access data strictly pertinent to the requested collaboration.
On the subject of conservation and cancellation:
kept for a period not exceeding that strictly necessary to perform the task received;
once the specific investigative activity has been completed, the processing must cease and the data must be deleted, except for the communication to the person who conferred the mandate, which may allow a further and temporary preservation for the purpose of demonstrating lawfulness, transparency and correctness of investigations;
the slope of the proceeding to which the investigation is connected does not legitimize the investigator to keep the data.