Giorgio Portera


He is specialised in genetics and dactyloscopy. He is a former RIS Parma officer, expert in forensic genetics. After being discharged from RIS Parma, he has been working as a court-appointed expert and party-appointed expert. He has been appointed court expert for the Public Prosecutor in Monza or Monza tribunal, Bergamo Public Prosecutor and Tribunal, , Milano Tribunals and more all over Italy.

He has gained a lot of experience in BPA, through the analysis of different crime scenes with bloodstain pattern analysis. He served as Carabiniere, as a Lieutenant, at the biology sector of RIS Parma, Forensics department. He has carried through with hundred of cases, including technical analysis, consultations and evaluations, for a total of 6000 traces analysed.

Since March 2009 he has been working as a consultant, dealing with consultations, evaluations, scientific surveys, paternity tests for the public prosecutor’s office and legal firms, locally and nationally, after setting up a biology and forensic genetics lab in Milan.

Working on few cases, one by one, gives him the opportunity to dedicate the right amount of time to every investigation. He receives his clients in Gladio agency in Monza or at his office in Milan.