Corporate investigations: a further and recent sentence of the Supreme Court reaffirms an important concept regarding permits 104.

The worker who benefits from the 104 permits to assist the disabled person abuses this right with relevant consequences from a disciplinary point of view capable of breaking the trust that must exist between employer and employee, if he uses it for business that go beyond the assistance of the family in need.

The importance of the evidence collected by the private investigator is therefore confirmed, following the company investigations carried out on the absentee employee.

It is therefore entirely legitimate to carry out this type of investigation if there is a well-founded suspicion of dishonest conduct on the part of the worker, provided of course that one turns to investigative agencies duly authorized by the Prefectures.

Our private investigators ascertain the facts to reconstruct the incident and identify the perpetrators of internal fraud and in contrast to the phenomenon of absenteeism. Through internal investigations it is thus possible to limit or recover the losses caused by them. Even the damage caused by “absentee” employees and managers today causes serious damage to companies of all levels and sectors.

One or more employees in false illness can in fact be a reason for a slowdown in production and loss of money. Our investigators are engaged on a daily basis in combating absenteeism and other harmful phenomena that are increasingly widespread. They collect the necessary evidence for any dismissal for just cause, as required by the workers’ statute.