Commercial intelligence

Prevention is the best defence

Overdraft evaluations in real time. Commercial intelligence provide, also in real time, information regarding the risks and the overdraft of all the Italian companies registered at CCIAA. Official data, organised in easily-to-read reports, are completed with confirmations from proprietary data bases.

We detect possible official negativities at the expense of an individual and we offer an easy-to-read summary with the indication of protests and detrimental acts.

A report made on purpose for legal entities investigations. It consists of official reports, indication of protests, detrimental acts and on going procedures.

Analytical commercial intelligence with official and unofficial data: informative reports on specific requests based on official and unofficial data. The most important characteristics are the guarantee of being updated, the financial-economic analysis, evaluations and comments.

Special services and in-depth analysis. Highly technical analysis to focus on all the necessary elements useful to evaluate competitors, clients, strategic suppliers and market and sector trends.

Details verifications for focused investigations. In-depth analysis of unofficial data useful to prevent risky situations and lead focused actions for recovery. Suitable also for subjects not registered at the Chamber. Investigations are carried out to discover the debtors or verify their current working activities, pensions or real income.

FOCUS ON SUPPLIERS. Specific investigations for an evaluation of the important suppliers: in-depth analysis of data and unofficial investigation to provide all the elements to verify the solidity of an organization, the professional experience, the subject’s relationships with the market.

– official and unofficial data
– negativities of companies
– market, suppliers and experiences
– analysts evaluation
– commented balance sheets
– Reliability and balance sheet confrontation
– Complete balance sheet of the past three years
– Balance sheet technical analysis
– Controversies



Galluzzi & Partners Srl provides a Commercial Information Service to third parties (Clients) that request them for needs related to the establishment and management of commercial, contractual or pre-contractual relationships of an economic and financial nature and / or the protection of their rights / interests.
Quoting the current legislation, the COMMERCIAL INFORMATION SERVICE consists of “the service requested by third parties (clients) concerning the execution of research, collection, registration, organization, analysis, evaluation, processing and communication of information from public sources, from sources publicly and generally accessible by anyone or otherwise acquired by the interested party such as to provide an additional knowledge value to third parties “and can only be performed by those in possession of a prefectural license issued by the competent Prefecture pursuant to art. 134 of the R.D. n. 773/1931.
This information is published based on the principles recognized in art. 5 paragraph 3 of the Code of Conduct for the processing of personal data in the field of commercial information approved by the Guarantor for the protection of personal data with Resolution of 12 June 2019 (register of provision n. 127 of 12/06/2019) available at the following link, also concerns exclusively the commercial information services as defined above and carried out through information coming from public sources , from sources publicly and generally accessible by anyone.

1) CATEGORIES OF INTERESTED PARTIES SUBJECT TO THE TREATMENT (to which this information is addressed):
> Any natural person for whom a commercial information service is required
> Subjects legally and / or economically bound to the natural person for whom a commercial information service is required (*)
> natural persons or other interested parties legally and / or economically (*) connected to the legal entity or organization on which a commercial information service is requested
(*) it must be considered that there is a legal and / or economic link between two or more interested parties and between an interested party and a person other than the natural person (eg company) when one or more of the following situations occurs:
a) participation of the interested party in a company or a company through the possession or direct or indirect control of a percentage of units or shares, or of voting rights, equal to or greater than the thresholds identified in art. 8 of the Code of Conduct;
b) exercise, through the office or position held by the interested party, of effective powers of administration, management, management and control of a company or company.

> Data relating to capital, economic, financial, credit, industrial and production aspects with the exclusion of particular categories of personal data pursuant to art. 9, paragraph 1, of EU Regulation 2016/679, that is “personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, as well as treating genetic data, biometric data intended for uniquely identify a natural person, data relating to health or sexual life or sexual orientation of the person ”
> data relating to criminal convictions and crimes originating from public sources;
> data relating to criminal convictions and crimes spread in the last six months, starting from the date of receipt of the request for the service by the customer, and without any possibility of making changes to the content of such information – except for their possible updating – and to use them for the purpose of processing evaluation information.
> valuation information and judgments, also expressed in predictive or probabilistic terms issued on the basis of statistical analysis and processing and evaluations carried out by expert analysts, also on the basis of a classification in predefined categories or classes or overall evaluation of the data acquired.
> further information useful for the purposes of verifying solvency or reliability (typically other companies and economic operators with whom the interested party has or has had dealings), such as the c.d. payment habits, amount of a credit or a debit, etc. when the possible obligations of information and acquisition of consent have been fulfilled (where the latter is necessary)

3) FROM WHERE THEY COME, data sources
For the purposes of service provision:
> data provided by the Customer: name, address, telephone, e-mail, information on the type of business relationship established or established, etc.
> any data / documents provided directly by the interested party during possible contacts with Galluzzi & Partners Srl
> data available on public sources, ie public registers, lists, deeds or documents available to anyone based on current legislation, including, by way of example but not limited to:
1) register of companies, budgets and lists of members, inspections and / or chambers of commerce, deeds and events relating to bankruptcy or other insolvency proceedings as well as the computerized register of protests in the chambers of commerce and the related consortium company InfoCamere;
2) real estate deeds, prejudicial and hypocatal acts (such as, for example, registration or cancellation of mortgages, transcripts and cancellations of foreclosures, injunctions or judicial documents, and relative annotations) kept in the registers managed by the Revenue Agency (between such as the former land registry and the Land Registry Office), the Public Motor Registry and the population register.
> data from sources publicly and generally accessible by anyone including, by way of example but not limited to: newspapers and newspapers, lists of c.d. categorical and telephone directories and related online services, Internet sites
> third parties where possible in compliance with current legislation
4) WHY THE DATA IS TREATED (purpose of treatment)
The treatments carried out have the following purposes: Provide the Customer with Commercial Information Services to enable them to assess an interested party correctly on an economic and commercial level; in some cases the customer requests the information in the form of lists of interested parties (by sector or category), for their subsequent use for marketing, promotional, commercial and advertising purposes, all the information and reporting obligations remaining the responsibility of the Customer. possible acquisition of consent by the interested party with regard to the processing performed by him.
> satisfy any requests of the same party
> generate / formulate assessments and judgments, also expressed in predictive or probabilistic terms, also on the basis of a classification in predefined categories or classes (scoring and / or rating)
> defend or enforce a right of the Principal, Galluzzi & Partners Srl or a third party
4.1) Why can data be processed (legal basis)
Data can be processed:
> as available on sources that are publicly accessible or made public by the interested party (Article 9, paragraph 2, letter e) of EU Regulation 2016/679),
> as necessary to allow the client to pursue a legitimate interest consisting more often in the preventive credit protection (Article 6, paragraph 1, letter f) of EU Regulation 2016/679),
> as necessary to enable the legitimate interest of the Data Controller to be pursued such as fraud monitoring and prevention, guaranteeing the security and reliability of the services provided to customers, the soundness of the management and the correct execution of commercial relations and economic and financial activities between the latter and the person surveyed, as well as the protection of the related rights, in accordance with the provisions of art. 6, paragraph 1, lett. f) of EU Regulation 2016/679,
> for the data acquired directly by the interested party, the consent of the same.
In relation to the aforementioned purposes, the processing of personal data may be carried out using paper, computer and electronic tools and will include – in full compliance with the principles recognized by the aforementioned Code of Conduct – all operations or series of operations necessary for the processing in question, including communications in the field referred to in point 8.
More in detail the information:
> can be collected either manually or with the help of electronic means and electronically, either directly or through mediation, in public entities or other private suppliers (which in turn provide a commercial information service), both in Italy that abroad on the basis of specific agreements with the latter and, in any case, in compliance with the forms and limits established by the regulatory provisions governing the knowledge, usability and publicity of the documents and data contained therein,