Who is the private investigator and what does he do? In the world of cartoons, since childhood, we have come to love Inspector Gadget or Detective Conan. In the world of thrillers, there are numerous investigators who owe their fame to novels and short stories by brilliant authors such as Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie. Masterpieces of literature that have become great classics, so from books they have landed in the cinema. Among the characters that have aroused the greatest interest we find: Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, Maigret, James Bond, Montalbano.

Beyond fiction, in reality, & nbsp; who is the private investigator and what does he do? & nbsp; In which cases is it possible to contact this professional? Often, the private investigator is hired by a spouse to investigate the alleged infidelity of the other, by employers to verify the commission of offenses by their employees (think of cases of unfair competition, industrial espionage, abuse of permits 104 ) or from lawyers to gather evidence that may be useful in the process in which their clients are involved.

If you want someone to carry out investigations for you and you want to understand how to appoint a professional and understand the value of the evidence collected by him, continue reading this article.

Private investigator: who is he?

The private investigator & nbsp; is a professional, with a special license issued by the territorially competent prefecture, who carries out an investigation or research activity on behalf of individuals and companies.

The private investigator can work independently, and be the owner of an investigation institute, or carry out his activity as an employee within a detective agency .

The figure of the private investigator has always been surrounded by an aura of mystery, probably for the descriptions that the authors of the most famous bestsellers have proposed, for the scenes we have seen on the big screen and / or for the aura of secrecy that surrounds the activities carried out by this professional. A professional who works in the shadows, who performs & nbsp; stalking & nbsp; and manages to steal with & nbsp; photos, videos and inspections & nbsp; the actions that the subject, who re-enters his viewfinder, performs undisturbed thinking that he is not seen by prying eyes and that he can act without arousing any suspicion.

It can be a husband or wife who meets a lover or a worker who claims to be sick and, instead, went on & nbsp; vacation & nbsp; to a seaside resort. Or, again, it may be the employee who claims to assist a disabled relative by taking advantage of the & nbsp; permissions of Law 104 & nbsp; and, instead, spends most of the time carrying out personal commissions (for example, a aperitif with friends or a trip out of town) dedicating only a marginal moment of the day to the handicapped.

Private investigator: what he can do and what he cannot do

It happens very frequently that a husband / wife or an employer, in the face of some suspicions, appoint a private investigator so that he can carry out investigations and & nbsp; document with photos, footage and recordings audio & nbsp; what he sees with his eyes and what is said in his presence.

The private investigator can:

  • stalking and inspections (in this case, the consent of the seat holder is required);
  • take pictures & nbsp; and & nbsp; shoot footage & nbsp; only in public places or places open to the public;
  • record conversations & nbsp; that take place in your presence;
  • monitor your movements of a car using new location technologies (satellite GPS);
  • make use of collaborators;
  • collect some information relating to health and sexual life, in compliance with precise guarantees to protection of the privacy of individuals, as established by the Guarantor for the protection of personal data.