Competitive intelligence

Give the right information to make the right decision

Competitive intelligence refers to the combination of systematic actions focused on providing the management with information about the external business environment: market, clients, competitors, trends, innovations, regulations and laws. The purpose of our investigation is to provide adequate information to support the business decision making. Our investigators and analysts are able to undertake a combination of activities of research, treatment, spread and protection of the information useful to the company, mainly focused on the external business environment and integrated with other process such as Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence.

«Give the right information to the right person at the right time to make the right decision.» We truly believe in Michael E. Porter’s quote, from Harvard Business School. This discipline, born together with the globalization of the markets and the necessity to adopt a process of anticipation of the changes in the markets and business environment, is now becoming an important tool, indispensable for the strategic process, using information as a tool to improve the technological and business performance.

Our mission is “knowing to anticipate”. We certainly have the necessary competences for this complicated investigative discipline, having executed innumerable assignments from clients from all over the world.

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