Expose your case

Expose your case

Our detective agency has been carrying out a wide range of investigative services since 1975. It is supported by private investigators from the police, state-of-the-art equipment and valid technical consultants.

Contact our detective agency and get a first consultation from the owner Angelo Galluzzi. In this way you will explain your problem to us and we will be able to provide you with an operational plan, a cost estimate, and useful professional advice for solving your case.

In support of the investigation, our law firm can also provide valid legal advice, if you have not already appointed a trusted lawyer.

Often a rough investigation, or worse self-managed, can irremediably compromise the subsequent intervention of the private investigator. It should be remembered that the abusive exercise of our profession is indeed a crime! It is therefore a good rule to make sure that the private investigator consulted is up to date with ministerial authorizations, in order to avoid unpleasant incidents.

With us your privacy is in good hands.

Monza Centro

Via Manara 3
Monza, 20900
Phone: 039 2305008
Sede legale e operativa
Ho letto e accetto l'informativa sulla privacy.

Milano Moscova

Via della Moscova 40/4
Milano, 20121
Phone: 02 82954104
Ufficio recapito

To discuss how we can assist with an issue, contact us now in confidence.

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  • Via Manara 3
  • +39 039 2305008
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  • Via della Moscova 40/4
  • +39 02 82954104

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