Luca Albizzati


Luca is our IT security auditor partner. He has multiple experience on complex technological projects,
implementation and design of hardware architectures, also in cloud solution and vmware infrastructures.
Design and implementation of complex geographic networks.
Design and implementation of geographic security systems
Evolutionary network planning with proactive reporting of new products, technologies and services;
Installation, configuration and management of DSN servers, Firewall, Active Directory, mail / web servers, servers for VPN, High-availability cluster, Office Automation programs.
Configuration, management and application of new hardware and software updates (both Linux and Microsoft);
Maintenance of network systems and individual machines, network servers: file servers, VPN gateways, intrusion systems
Configuration and maintenance of LAN / WAN equipment including routers, switches, fiber and copper backbones.
Management and updating of corporate intranet and Internet sites;
Knowledge of IP voice problems;
Knowledge of safety equipment;
Proactive reporting or designing of new products, technologies and services;
Improvement of network productivity by increasing performance and security levels;
Configuration and management of the company backup system;
Resolution of reported problems at the level of infrastructure and server / client machines.